Delicious events at an award-winning restaurant.

It's often the little things in life that make a big difference. Small pleasures and experiences can play a major role. The team at the award-winning Upper Austrian AQARIUM restaurant organises a wide range of events with these two components. Celebrate a very special occasion here at the AQARIUM restaurant and experience the joys of our magnificent cuisine!

"Enjoy life, eat well & Laugh often“


Carefree enjoyment

We guarantee a carefree enjoyment here thanks to our comprehensive safety plan.

3 Gabeln im Falstaff

Im renommierten Falstaff Restaurant-Guide 2021 konnte das Restaurant am Seerosenteich abermals 91 Punkte und 3 von maximal 4 Gabeln erreichen.

3-Gang-Menü für zuhause 

#meinhaubenmenü Haubenkoch Peter Reithmayr zeigt Ihnen mit Rezept und Anleitung, wie Sie auch zuhause ein Hauben-Menü zaubern können. 

Chefs Menu

Embark on a fascinating culinary journey with AQARIUM ‘Chefs Menu’!

Lazy Sunday breakfast.

Enjoy a sumptuous á la carte breakfast on Sundays and public holidays from 7.30 - 15.00 at the AQARIUM restaurant.

€ 32,00 p.P.

Afternoon Tea the british way

Enjoy very special traditional afternoon tea by the fireside or out on the patio next to the water lilies on the pond. Salmon, ham, cucumber, and egg and cress sandwiches are just some of the savoury delights on offer.

€ 75,00 for 2 people